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Raised Floor Bench
Sharjah Stool
Tall Table
July, 2020

Publication – Our research into Virtual Reality as a tool for the design of Villa Ruba is forming part of the book and exhibition ‘The Architecture Machine’. Architekturmuseum der TUM. Book launch at Pinakothek der Moderne, Munich, October 14, 2020.

July, 2020

Publication – 'Camping in a High-Rise' MA architecture course at the Royal College of Art. Together with our students we explored the contrast between the mass and permanence of buildings and the temporary, light-weight and ad-hoc notion of camping. For more joy, please explore our students' work at the RCA Virtual Show.

March, 2021

Building with granite and off the grid – Casa Montaria, Portugal

July, 2021
November, 2017

We have contributed with an essay called 'Postcards from London' in the new Hiatus book published by Birkhauser. The book is a collection of essays, reportages and interviews from several European Architects about different models for the multifunctional densification of cities. Please follow link to Birkhäuser

February, 2022

Publication – Our project West Green Place, a nursery and community center in London, is featured in the February 2022 issue of Casabella #930.

Rui de Pina Sofá
June, 2021

The Vinyl house is characterised by three key elements: The ‘Main House’ is defined by an efficient, compact, pre- fabricated wooden structure, optimised for short spans and minimal material use. The quality of this ground floor lies in its openness and immidiate relationship to the external landscape. The ‘Umbrella’, is a light-weight glass roof with integrated solar panels, and the ‘Outdoor Living Room’ is located between the main house and the ‘Umbrella’ roof, offering a special and surprising external room, used as extension of the living space - a stove, sun bed, barbecue, jacuzzi or conservatory for growing plants, use it however you want. The house is designed with the aim of using timber and recycled plastics and to achieve an Outstanding BREEAM rating.

Column Light
March, 2022
Daily Camping

We are interested in the relationship between buildings and their services – or you could say: between the building and its guests. While architecture is a slow discipline and buildings should be made to last for a long time, services follow a different trajectory. They facilitate our desires for comfort and are subject to technological progress. Our understanding of comfort shifts while systems that provide electricity, temperate environments and safety are subject to constant development. The more independent this infrastructure is from the architecture, the more flexible the buildings, and the more resourceful we could be as our lives change and we, as guests, move from building to building.
Therefore, in order for architecture to preserve its integrity and remain resilient our buildings need to be defined less by functions but rather its materiality, beauty and a certain generosity that allows them to be appropriated, loved and re-used over time.