156, Bay Lamp

Bay Lamp is a floor & desk lamp, a ready-made object that is light-weight, powerful and reduced to its bare elements. 6300 lumens, dimmable, K3000, CRI93

It is the first object of our 'Daily Camping' series of ready-mades assembled in a limited quantity in our workshop in Porto, Portugal. If you are interested in purchasing a lamp please contact us on post@dyvikkahlen.com

While buildings are made to last, our lives are in a beautiful mode of constant change.

We believe there is something to learn from the nimble mindset of campers and their understanding of space as an experience rather than a commodity. Like nomads we move from place to place. In our daily life we surround ourselves with objects, some have meaning, while others are simply there to fulfill a function.

As part of our architectural explorations we have developed a series of functional objects that we consider the basics of ‘Daily Camping’ – useful objects to accompany your life. Bay Lamp is one of the first objects: a ready-made floor & desk lamp, light-weight, powerful and reduced to its bare elements.

  • Completion: 2022
  • Photography: Antoine Espinasseau