109, Klingelbeek Building One

The building is part of a group of eight residential buildings placed in the park of Villa Klingelbeek, a beautiful spot placed right next to the Rhine in Arnhem. The park is shared between all residents while each building creates different private outdoor rooms that negotiate the transition from private to shared landscape.

In this case a row of columns support balconies that wrap the entire perimeter of the building, giving each room access to the outside. Another row of columns support the interior perimeter of the building, while four walls and five shafts structure the floor plan to form an open and resilient building skeleton.

The aim was to create building with a clear underlying formal logic, generous enough to be appropriated in many ways.

  • Location: Arnhem
  • Completion: 2020
  • For: Schipper Bosch
  • Size: 3200 m²
  • Collaborators: Buero Harro, Karbouw
  • Photography: Antoine Espinasseau